A Collection of 10,000 Souvenirs of our adventures for our fellow Humans minted as an NFT on ICP

available on Entrepot NOW!
In a world where intelligent "beings" are ignorant about the existence of other's like them

Where there are millions of Humans getting abducted by Aliens every year without anyone noticing

Once Aliens are strong enough they will attack Earth and it will be the biggest war Earth has ever witnessed (WW3)...

And the only question left to ask will be "Who will unite all human races & represent EARTH?"



All ICelebrity holders will receive 1:1 airdrops based on the number of NFTs in the collection you are holding. So now is the time to switch to diamond hands mode on your ICelebrity NFTs if you were not already there, because you won't want to miss out on free aliens! Now, let's dig down into the ICAliens roadmap to see why this collection will be one of the most exciting drops of the year.

The ICAliens Royalty Treasury receives 100% of all secondary market sales royalties.

100% of the Royalty received by ICAliens Team will be distributed among our community members in the following way:

  • Minters will receive 35% of royalties.
  • Holders will receive 50% of royalties bi-weekly.
  • On a weekly basis, 10 holders of the 4 Rare Character Types will be picked randomly to share the remaining pool of 15% royalties.
  • In order to receive all rewards, you must be a minter who still holds ICAliens. The earlier you arrive, the more ICP you will earn.
  • Holders of our 4 Rare Character Types & Collab Collection will gain a special Discord role for ICAliens DAO; more details stated below.

ICAliens Sweepstakes and Airdrops

  • All Holders with at least 1 ICAlien will be eligible to enter & win 1 ticket in our sweepstake for a super rare character that is yet to be introduced and will be part of a limited collection of 209 NFTs, each ICAlien held gets you 1 ticket, holding 10 or more aliens is rewarded with extra tickets thus the more you hold the more tickets you will have and thus have more chance to win.

  • 250 ICAliens NFTs are locked for an airdrop after the initial sale. So, 250 random mint numbers will get a free NFT as a gift! The more you have, the more chances you get.

ICAliens Buyback Strategy

7% of the mint sale proceeds will be used for buyback at their market price to keep the floor price in check and to create additional liquidity! In case our Public launch is not Sold out ICAliens will be either airdropped or burned subject to ICAliens DAO's decision.

The 4 Rare Characters Types & the Roles awarded to their holders

  • Pirates: 103 will ever exist (Pirate Explorer)
  • Kings: 75 of them will ever rule (Emperor)
  • Christmas Aliens: only 45 will ever take a day off from exploring the Infinite Cosmos (Watchful)
  • Alien Wizards (Super Rare): only 3 Genetically created Humanoids were made (Humanoids)

For now, there are only 2 "Super Rare" custom made Greg's (Twitter Celebrity). We reserved them for one or our main partners + some ICAliens will be reserved to our hard working team.

Sale Details

Buy 1 NFT for
0.4 ICP (WL)
0.55 ICP (Public)
Buy 5 NFTS for
2 ICP (WL)
2.75 ICP (Public)
Buy 10 NFTS for
3.75 ICP (WL)
5.25 ICP (Public)
Buy 20 NFTS for
7.5 ICP (WL)
10 ICP (Public)
Both Pre & Public Sale members can do unlimited mints

Join our Discord for Whitelist

Alien Tribes

Aliens of all tribes are colonizing moons & planets, each background is a glimpse of an ever exciting adventure of our infinite UNIVERSE
This is SUPER rare! Only 3 of these exist in the whole collection! They are the best and most wanted wizards in the whole universe.
Christmas Special
Only 45 of these exist so they are very rare.
Only 75 of these exist in the collection so they are a rare trait to look for! They are the kings and have the most knowledge of the alien world.
This is a rare trait to look for because there are only 103 like these in the collection. They are pirates; theives of the alien world.
9,560 NFTs of this category! They are the poor and weak aliens in the alien world.


How can I buy an IC ALIEN?

You can buy ICAliens on Entrepot. You will be able to perform your transactions securely through the marketplace.

What is the canister ID?

The canister ID is: p5jg7-6aaaa-aaaah-qcolq-cai

Will there be airdrops?

Yes, airdrops will be awarded during special events & competitions; the biggest portions will be through Collabs & Quizzes. Details will be announced up-to-date on Discord. Also, all ICelebrity hodlers will automatically get airdropped one per NFT.

Do you have a rarity system?

Absolutely! Consider how detailed the ICAlien collection is. We want to plan everything down to the tiniest detail and execute it accordingly. We presently have a rarity system in place, but we will reveal a more complete version when it is ready to be shared. Keep an eye out.

Will there be a listing after the sale in the marketplace?

After the pre & public sales are over, which we will carry out through the Entrepot NFT Market place, it will then be listed for public trading.

Am I the owner of ICAliens after purchase?

Yes, full intellectual properties are given to the buyer.

How can I earn a whitelist?

Whitelist will be given during competitions, events, and quizzes. If you participate in these events and are active in the community, you can get a chance to win a whitelist.

How many Aliens will there be in the whitelist?

There are a total of 2500 ICAliens on the whitelist. If the community is uses this up, then perhaps a minor increase can be made with an exception.

What are the benefits on being whitelisted?

Aliens that are whitelisted will get several privileges. One of them will discounts during the pre-sale. The reason for this advantage is because they are involved in the project's introduction and development when it is still in its early stages + cool role names and moderation.

How can I check if I am on whitelist?

When you click on your Discord profile on the server, you can see the roles that you have obtained on the server. One of your roles must include "WhitelistedAlien".

How many whitelists can I get?

To be fair, each user can only get 1 whitelist.

I won a whitelist, can I win an airdrop?

Yes, whitelists and airdrops will be held separately.

The Team behind the Project

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Discord Mod

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Blog Writer




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